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Eat to Perform
Eat to Perform (ETP) is a coaching program that helps active people build their muscles while losing weight. The company has become
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Energy Forever by Dr. Dan Ritchie
Energy Forever by Dr. Dan Ritchie is a new book that delves into the methods behind having sustained energy everyday.  It focu
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Fast Fat Burning Meals Club/Cookbook
Fast Fat Burning Meals is a series of meal plans created by Yuri Elkaim and Amy Coates.  The idea is to help show you how to m
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Fat-Burning Tribe
The Fat-Burning Tribe is a comprehensive health and fitness program designed to help people achieve all of their fitness goals. &nb
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Forward Head Posture Fix Program
The Forward Head Posture Fix Program, created by Mike Westerdal & Rick Kaselj, is a comprehensive how-to guide that helps undo
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GMB Fitness
GMB Fitness is a breakthrough exercise course that aims to prep your body for challenges beyond the gym.  Instead of focusing
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Green Smoothie Girl
Green Smoothie Girl is a health brand created by Robyn Openshaw.  This includes a website, ebooks, a podcast, and additional h
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Guilt Free Desserts by Kelley Herring
Guilt Free Desserts by Kelley Herring is the latest addition to her line of Paleo cookbooks.  In her last book, Better Breads,
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GymnasticBodies was established by Coach Sommer who spent 40 years as a USA JR National Teach Coach. The company helps customers cr
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Healthful Pursuit
Healthful Pursuit is the work of Leanne Vogel who describes herself as a Holistic Nutritionist and keto enthusiast.  Over the
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Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Integrative Nutrition teaches you how to launch your own health coaching practice with business training. The school’s missio
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JassaFit is the combined Paleo Health and fitness project of Sarah Fragoso and Jason Seib. Most people come across Sarah’s or
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Metabolic Prime
Metabolic Prime Program is a system of exercise that’s meant to reawaken your metabolism and allow you to burn more fat and g
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Mind Body Green Courses
Mindbodygreen (MGB) was created by Jason Wachob who developed the idea for the site after yoga saved his back and helped him avoid
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MOMables is a meal planning service geared towards children’s lunches.  They have collaborated with chefs, nutritionists
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My Pet Chicken
My Pet Chicken provides people with everything they need to start raising chickens including free guides, a variety of chicken bree
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Natural Glow Skin Care Guide
The Natural Glow Skin Care guide, found at www.FlawlessOrigins.com, was created to provide women with an alternative form of skin c
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Natural Healing Encyclopedia
Dr. Mark Stengler is one of America's leading naturopathic doctors who is passionate about reclaiming vibrant health without re
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Paleo Breakfast Bible
The Paleo Breakfast Bible is the latest cookbook from the PaleoHacks team, a popular blog and forum.  They have been providing
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Paleo Cooking School by Camille's Paleo Kitchen
Paleo Cooking School is a series of instructional cooking videos created by professional paleo chef Camille Macres.  She is al
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