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About Green Smoothie Girl
Green Smoothie Girl is a health brand created by Robyn Openshaw.  This includes a website, ebooks, a podcast, and additional health resources.  You can learn about diet and weight loss through her materials.
Her philosophy is to keep things as simple and easy as possible without subscribing to stringent dogma as many other diets require.  She focuses on creating recipes that use only whole foods and cut out the processed junk that’s prevalent in most standard american diets.
Ultimately she will help you recalibrate your diet to include more plants, the result will be something that approaches 60-80% raw, 95% plant-based diet.  The underlying focus is to make it easy, inexpensive, and delicious.
She uses her own incredible success with weight loss and lifestyle transformation to assist others.


At you will find a wide variety of products and materials, some of her most popular items include.
The 12 Steps to Whole Foods program - A series of videos that will introduce you to important concepts such as fighting inflammation with your diet, rehabbing your gut,  and taking control of food addictions.
She also offers several detox programs for which she is a strong advocate.  You can get started with a simple 3 day detox that she offers for free, or check out the full 26 day detox manual.
You can also purchase many of the ingredients that you will need for a successful detox from her site, this includes a variety of protein powder and other supplements.


Many of the resources found on Green Smoothie Girl are offered free of charge and there is certainly enough free information to get you started.
Some of her more advanced materials do cost money for instance the Detox Manual sells for $84.

Customer Service:

If you have any further questions about Green Smoothie Girl programs or products you can send an email to

Online Reviews/Complaints:

For the most part Green Smoothie Girl has great customer reviews, her facebook page is filled with positive comments and many health bloggers have good through her detox program with great results.
Some mentioned that they enjoyed how her detox program works by targeting different organs and bodily systems in phases.  There were some criticisms of her writing style in her Green Smoothies Diet book.

Competitors and Alternatives:

The detox market is huge with many companies offering their own versions of cleanses some promising a quick and painless approach and others providing a comprehensive prolongated version. If you are new to detoxing it’s best to start with shorter cleanses so you don’t wind up quitting on an expensive program.
Some other popular programs include: The 21 Day Sugar Detox, Urban Remedy, Paleta Juice Cleanse, and Chuice.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase all Green Smoothie Girl Products directly from her website.
If you have tried any of her guides or recipes please leave a full review below.
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