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20 Dishes
20 Dishes is a new meal planning service that promises to simplify your life.  They want to help you transition or stick to a
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21 Day Sugar Detox
The 21 Day Sugar Detox program is a natural way to break sugar and carb cravings. This program opens your eyes to sources of sugar
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40 Years of Zen
40 Years of Zen is an intensive biohacking program created by Dave Asprey of the Bulletproof Executive brand.  Dave has built
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Abel James' 30-Day Fat Loss System
Abel James began the 30-Day Fat Loss Program to show people how to burn fat in the shortest time possible with Paleo-friendly fat-b
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The Back Yard Chickens site has become the top resource for people who are interested in raising, breeding, and caring for their ow
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Ben Greenfield Fitness Systems
Ben Greenfield’s mission is to show you how to get your body performing at peak capacity in the safest and fastest way possib
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Better Breads by Kelley Herring
Most of us have grown up believing that bread is a staple grocery item, the building block of almost all lunches and a standard din
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Betty Rocker 30 Day Challenge
Betty Rocker is a fitness coach and wellness personality.  Through her website she shares recipes, workout videos, and motivat
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Blue Heron Health News
Blue Heron Health News are the publishers of many health and fitness articles and guides.  They cover a variety of topics and
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BodyWeight 9 Training System
BodyWeight 9 is a new strength training program developed by Todd Kuslikis.  The program is designed to be a quick at home sol
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Carefree Candies
Carefree Candies is the latest publication from cookbook author Kelley Herring.  Her recipes are designed to help people live
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ChickenCoopGuides.com is a comprehensive resources for starting a backyard chicken coop operation.  This is a great solution t
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Chris Kresser
Chris Kresser is a well known author, Paleo practitioner, and one of the strongest proponents of the Paleo movement.  He is al
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Danette May
Danette May is a certified fitness professional, Pilates instructor and nutritionist who for over a decade has been helping people
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Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld’s Nutrition and Healing
The website NutritionandHealing.com promotes Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld’s Nutrition & Healing newsletter and free book, &ldquo
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Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby
Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby is a doctor and alternative medicine specialist.  On his website alternative-doctor.com people can find
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Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet
Dr. Kellyann is a naturopathic physician, weight-loss specialist, and anti-aging natural transformation expert who has helped thous
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Eat Stop Eat
Eat Stop Eat is written by Brad Pilon, an international author and nutrition expert, about the benefits of Intermittent Fasting. He
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Eat to Perform
Eat to Perform (ETP) is a coaching program that helps active people build their muscles while losing weight. The company has become
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Energy Forever by Dr. Dan Ritchie
Energy Forever by Dr. Dan Ritchie is a new book that delves into the methods behind having sustained energy everyday.  It focu
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