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About Eat to Perform
Eat to Perform (ETP) is a coaching program that helps active people build their muscles while losing weight. The company has become a leader in health and nutrition, coaching with over 75,000 members. 
The service offers people access to professional trainers, meal plans, forums, articles, and a calculator app that tells people how much they should be eating. Whether people want to get a six-pack or lose weight, the program can help people achieve their goals. 


People who sign up for membership will receive the following: 
  • Meal Planning Tools
  • Drag n' Drop Meal Planner
  • Membership to the exclusive Meal Planning Facebook group 
  • Top 10 foods lists and sample meal plans from coaches
  • 4 ETP Program & Planning Guides 
  • Meal Planning Guide
  • ETP Manual For Fat Loss
  • Flexible Eating Guide
  • Recipe Guide
  • One Year Access to ETP Coaching Forum 
  • Access to 6 Fat Loss Challenges Per Year
  • $100,000 in prizes every year
The ETP blog provides information and coaching on fat loss, paleo, exercise/training, basic nutrition, and mindset. Many of the resources come from professional coaches and trainers to help people reach the goal. 
The program takes a gradual approach to losing fat and the recommended diet is eating carbohydrates and proteins. Finding the right diet depends a lot on individuals and involves trial and error, which is all part of the longer term journey. 
The Eat to Perform Calculator app tells people how much they need to eat after someone enters key information including their height, weight, and activity level. 

Cost and price plans:

Customers can receive meal planning and coaching for $49.95 a year.
If people sign up on the website, they will get a free chapter on Performance Based Fat Loss, the Eat to Perform Essential Grocery List, and introduction videos. 

Customer Service:

The company can be reached through their web form ( Follow the company on Facebook and Twitter. 

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints:

Many people who have tried the program have had effective results, including feeling more energized, focused and lost weight. They found the program was great value for money because hiring a private coach can be costly compared to all of the professional coaches and resources Eat to Perform provides for a small monthly payment. 
Some people do not trust the calorie Eat to Perform calculator and use other methods to monitor their calorie intake. The program is more effective if people try it for at least three months to see the results.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are other coaches and programs that help people achieve their health goals including Jessica Procini, Bloom for Life, and A Passion for Healthy Living.  Other popular Paleo fitness and nutrition guides include the Primal Blueprint, Performance Paleo Cookbook, and JassaFit.

Where to buy?

You can buy Eat to Perform's membership on the website.
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