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Paleo Eats Cookbook by Peter Servold
The Paleo Eats Cookbook by Peter Servold is a great new paleo resource for the dedicated home cook.  The author is best known
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Paleo Grubs Cookbook
Paleo Grubs has quickly risen above the ranks to be one of the most visited Paleo Foods blogs online.  Their mix of high quali
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Paleo Magazine
Paleo Magazine is the premier publication serving the Paleo community in a wide array of formats.  They provide the latest inf
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Paleo Plan 21 Day Detox
D21 is a 21-day Paleo Winter/Spring Detox program that guides you gently and safely through the process of supporting your body&rsq
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Paleo Reboot
Paleo Reboot is a program designed by Dr. Ryan Lazarus that gets people on board with the Paleo Diet.  His resources help peop
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Paleo Sweets
Kelsey Ale is a certified nutritional therapist who is offering her book Paleo Sweets, which contains 68 Paleo fat-burning dessert
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PaleoHacks 30 Day Paleo Challenge
PaleoHacks 30 Day Paleo Challenge is a great new quick start resource for those making the initial decision to try out the Paleo li
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Prep Dish
Allison Stevens is a personal chef, whose clients have included celebrities, and a Registered Dietician who founded Prep Dish. She
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Primal Beauty Secrets
 Neely Quinn is a certified Integrative Clinical Nutrition Therapist that has created a comprehensive guide about the natural
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Primal Blueprint
Primal Blueprint, found online at www.PrimalBlueprint.com, is a health and fitness brand that encompasses a variety of products and
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Primal Blueprint Expert Certification
The Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program is the very first ancestral health online certification program that you can stud
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Primal Palate Meal Plan
Primal Palate is a company that offers a 30-day program to start on the Paleo Diet. It was created by Hayley and Bill, a young coup
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Primal Sleep System
The Primal Sleep System was developed by David Sinick and the program consists of listening to audio technology that enables your b
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Purely Primal Skincare
The Purely Primal Skincare Guide is a comprehensive tutorial on how to improve the quality of your skin from the inside out.  
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Real Plans
Real Plans is the creation of popular food/natural health blogger Emily, of the Holistic Squid blog, and her husband.  Through
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Rebooted Body
Rebooted Body is a comprehensive weight loss and fitness program that takes a different approach from conventional options.  T
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Sane Solution
SANE Solution provides online tools, resources, coaching, and support to help people eat more, eat smarter, and eat as easily as po
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Shoulder Flexibility Solution
Eric Wong is a strength and conditioning coach for professional combat athletes and has developed The Shoulder Flexibility Solution
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Simple Roots Wellness
Simple Roots Wellness is the work of Alexa Schirm a nutritionist and professional health blogger.  Through her site she shares
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Solving Leaky Gut Program
Jordan Reasoner and Steve Wright created a program to help people solve their leaky gut. The Solving Leaky Gut website provides peo
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