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The Bone Broth Cookbook by Casey Thaler
Casey Thaler is a well known health and nutrition coach and creator of the 30 day Paleo Challenge.  With his latest project th
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The Calcium Lie II
The Calcium Lie II is a new publication from the Healthy Back Institute that aims to dispel certain myths about bone health, calciu
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The Coconut Oil Secret
The Coconut Oil Secret Exposed by Jake Carney is an ebook purporting the various health benefits and uses for Coconut Oil.  Lo
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The Half Day Diet Plan
Nate Miyaki is a successful fitness author and fat loss expert.  With his latest book, “The Half Day Diet” he focu
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The Honey Phenomenon Cookbook by Dr. Joshua Levitt
The Honey Phenomenon Cookbook by Dr. Joshua Levitt is another informational product from the Alternative Daily.  This company
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The Hypothyroidism Revolution Program by Tom Brimeyer
The Hypothyroidism Revolution Program by Tom Brimeyer is a resource developed to help those suffering from this serious illness. &n
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The Keto Beginning by Leanne Vogel
The Keto Beginning by Leanne Vogel is your all-in-one resource for getting started with the keto diet.  This diet is essential
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The Metabolic Factor
Dr. Jonny Bowden developed The Metabolic Factor system designed to  activate the metabolic response to produce the fat-burning
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The Myers Way by Amy Myers MD
The Myers Way is a line of health and wellness guides and supplements developed by doctor Amy Myers.  In addition to running a
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The Paleo Family Toolkit
The Paleo Family Toolkit is the creation of Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, also known for her popular blog the Paleo Mom.  For years sh
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The Paleo Primer
British authors Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore wrote The Paleo Primer to familiarize readers with the principles of paleo healthy
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The Paleo Secret
The Paleo Secret is a popular website and line of Paleo resources run by husband and wife team, Drs. Chad & Brenda Walding. &nb
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The Paleo Way
The Paleo Way is a lifestyle brand that is dedicated to educating and helping transition people in the paleo way of life.  Fou
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The Performance Paleo Cookbook
The Performance Paleo Cookbook is a new release that focuses on getting athletes the proper nutrition they need to excel at their c
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The Sitting Solution
The Sitting Solution is a comprehensive program created to battle the dangerous effects of chronic sitting.  Created by Chad a
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The Sleep Success Summit
The Sleep Success Summit is a comprehensive symposium on all things sleep.  Hosted by Dr. Michael J. Breus - “the Sleep
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The Thyroid Secret
The Thyroid Secret is a documentary series created by Dr. Izabella Wentz a renowned pharmacist and researcher.  Throughout her
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Todd Kuslikis Isometrics Strength
Todd Kuslikis’ Isometrics Strength is a breakthrough new program designed to help people achieve their full muscle building p
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Tommy Rosen
Tommy Rosen is a health and wellness coach whose methods focus on overcoming addiction through yoga, clean eating and a holistic ap
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Unlock your Hip Flexors
Sports Nutritionist Mike Westerdal and Kinesiologist and Injury Specialist Rick Kaseli created the Unlock your Hip Flexors program
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