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About Fat-Burning Tribe
The Fat-Burning Tribe is a comprehensive health and fitness program designed to help people achieve all of their fitness goals.  Created by Abel James, host of top rated health/paleo podcast Fat Burning Man and author of bestselling book “The Wild Diet.”
For years now Abel has been helping people through his resources and informative blog where you get to follow along with him as he explores the latest in health research and development.  With the Fat Burning Tribe he has created a members only community that delivers the best of his products into one easy to use tool.

How Does it Work?

While you can get health information all over the internet the real value in the Tribe is that you get community, support, and accountability from the rest of the members.  Not feeling like you’re in it alone goes a long way in losing weight and most importantly keeping it off.
The Fat Burning Tribe has something for everyone, no matter what stage of your health journey you’re on.
Whether you want to:
  • Lose stubborn fat keeping you from your optimal goal
  • Get rid of belly fat
  • Experience extreme weight loss 50+ lbs
  • Get in shape for sports, racing, or fitness competitions
  • Gain muscle
  • Simply get healthy
Whatever your health goals are you can find like minded people in the tribe to work together with.

Your Membership Includes:

A fully functioning community - You can share pictures, stories, engage in discussions, find a weight loss partner, receive support and most importantly have accountability from the group.
Access to Abel and his team of experts - You can ask any questions you have about diet or fitness and get answers, tips, shortcuts, and guidance.
Access to their Knowledge base - A collection of Q&A that address a plethora of topics that you will encounter on your weight loss journey.
Members only giveaways - exclusive fresh content from Abel and certified health coaches.
Fat-Burning Recipes - Paleo-friendly, Gluten-Free recipes straight from their kitchen.
They are also offering a bonus which includes the entire 10-Part Fat-Burning Tribe Training Series.  A comprehensive video series that takes your from kitchen to grocery store to gym, covering every aspect along the way.


The Fat-Burning Tribe is available for a trial period of $1 for the first month.  If you decide to keep your membership you will be charged $27 per month.

Customer Service:

You can cancel your membership at any time, they even claim they will refund you your first monthly billing of $27 if you forgot to cancel your trial offer.
To cancel your membership you can go through the payment processor Clickbank at www.clickbank.com/clkbank.htm or contact them directly by email at customercare@fatburningman.com or through the phone number (512) 766-3306.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

For the most part all of Abel’s programs and guides have positive reviews. Whether people find him through his podcast, books, or various online recipes everyone seems to enjoy his take on the Paleo diet.
There are not many direct online reviews for the Fat-Burning Tribe given that it’s a relatively new product, but there certainly is no harm in trying it out given Abel’s reputation up to this point and the fact that it comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many fitness products available and it is simply up to you to choose with which trainer or coach you connect with best.  Again the main distinguishing feature of the tribe is the community aspect so if that’s important to you make sure the resource you’re looking at offers it.
Other popular online fitness clubs include Eat to Perform, Ben Greenfield fitness, and the Paleo Way.

Where to Buy?

You can sign up for the tribe directly at fatburningman.com/fat-burning-tribe.
If you have tried the Fat-Burning Tribe please leave your reviews below.
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