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Paleo Cooking School by Camille's Paleo Kitchen
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About Paleo Cooking School by Camille's Paleo Kitchen
Paleo Cooking School is a series of instructional cooking videos created by professional paleo chef Camille Macres.  She is also the star of the first Paleo TV Show, "Camille's Paleo Kitchen," podcast host, and author of the highly successful Paleogasm cookbook.
Her goal is to spread health and wellness and get people to improve their lives through eating fresh paleo meals.  She’s made this easier through the plethora of resources that she has created and with this new Paleo Cooking Video Series.
She believes that by guiding people along through step-by-step cooking tutorials she can remove most of the barriers, real or perceived, that people have about embracing the paleo lifestyle.

How Does it Work?

Paleo Cooking School is organized into 12 lessons that you can easily get started with and keep on hand for future reference.  The goal is for you to build a solid Paleo foundation upon which you can build a lifetime of success.
By mastering the basics you can learn a set of skills that will keep you engaged and committed to eating Paleo and thus experiencing the myriad health benefits, such as: an increase in energy, more mental clarity and relief from illness and disease.

What’s Included:

Lesson 1: Paleo for weight loss - Will introduce you to the guidelines of eating paleo and features 38 high fat, low carb step-by-step cooking videos and 36 bonus recipes.
Lesson 2: Setting up your paleo kitchen - A great tactical guide for making your Paleo cooking more efficient and cost effective and will introduce you to the tools you need to extract more of the nutrients from the foods you eat.
Lesson 3: Paleo cooking fundamentals - This will give you brunt of the tools which you will need to live a paleo lifestyle.  By learning a set of template meals you can easily customize and improvise new recipes.
Lesson 4: Paleo on a budget - By cutting out pre-packaged foods you will be forced to spend more at the grocery store, however with Camile’s tips you will learn how to spend lose and eat more. Includes 26 budget-friendly step-by-step cooking videos and 11 bonus recipes.
Lesson 5: fast & easy paleo - Includes Slow Cooking 101, Secret to 10 Minute Meals, 24 fast dinner videos.
Lesson 6: Paleo on the go - A list of portable paleo snacks that are perfect for road trips, lunch boxes, and hurried mornings. 18 step-by-step cooking videos and 15 bonus recipes.
Lesson 7: batch, bulk & freezer cooking - This crucial series will teach you how to cut cooking times to as little as once a week through proper meal planning.  Features 21 batch and freezer cooking videos and 14 bonus recipes.
Lesson 8: Baking & comfort food swaps! - Great paleo hacks to make you feel like you’re not giving up anything and not on a traditional diet. 20 step-by-step cooking videos.
Lesson 9: AIP PALEO - Recipes that eliminate ingredients like eggs, nuts, seeds and nightshade vegetables to support those healing from Autoimmune Disease. 38 step-by-step cooking videos and 36 bonus recipes.
Lesson 10: Veggie magic - 12 step-by-step cooking videos that will change the way you think about vegetables! Includes 36 bonus inventive recipes to bring the most flavor and creativity out of veggie meals.
Lesson 11: getting your family onboard - One of the most important factors to success is to make sure your loved ones also embrace this lifestyle.  20 family-friendly step-by-step cooking videos that will make cooking fun and engage your children.
Lesson 12: Paleo for the holidays! - These are critical times and usssually when people revert to their old eating habits.  Learn how to survive with cooking videos and holiday food gifts.
All in all the lessons include 80 Videos and over 155 Recipes.

Customer Service:

Camile’s Paleo Cooking School series is backed by a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.  If you are not happy for any reason you can simply send an email and get a full refund.
If you have any more questions check out the helpful FAQ page or contact someone at

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There is not much feedback for the Paleo Cooking School video series as of now, however Camile’s TV show and other products have been very favorably received and she enjoys a large following of fans on social media.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are tons of Paleo chefs and personalities that post video and blog Paleo recipes, it’s up to you to find one that you connect with and whose food choices you enjoy most.  However when it comes to dedicated Paleo cooking tutorials this is one of the main resources available.  Some simmlar options include and JassaFit.

Where to Buy?

You can recive instand access to the videos by signing up at Camile’s website
If you have tried out this resource please leave your reviews below.
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