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Barefoot Provisions
Barefoot Provisions is an online retail store that features items curated specifically for those following some form of Primal/Pale
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BerryCart is a free iPhone and Android app that offers coupons, deals, and discounts on healthy foods in the form of cash back reba
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Bodeefit is an all in one hub for exercise and nutritional guidance.  The company, founded by Adam Griffin, has developed into
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Bulk Herb Store
Bulk Herb Store is an online supplier organic herbs, herbal mixes, teas, seeds, and much more.  They also have tons of resourc
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Cody App
Originally developed as a social fitness app, allowing friends to motivate and share workouts with each other, the Cody App now ser
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Cook Smarts
Cook Smarts was founded by Jess Dang in 2012 and before she established the company, she was providing in-home cooking lessons to p
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Dr. Josh Axe
Dr. Axe's website, www.DrAxe.com, is one of the top 10 most visited natural health websites in the world with over 4,000,000 mo
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eMeals.com is a website that provides its customers with a wide range of weekly meal plans to help make dinner and shopping a more
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Food Blogger Pro
There are many reasons why people chose to start a food blog, whether to simply share a health journey or start a professional cook
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GAIAM TV, The Transformation Network, is a source of original programing on variety of topics that relate to health, yoga, and spir
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Go Paleo - The American Paleo Association
The American Paleo Association is the world’s largest organization composed of physicians, dietitians and crossfit professionals. Th
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GreenCupboards is a leading online retailer and one-stop-shop for eco-friendly products for homes and business. The founders wanted
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Grokker.com is a premium online video hub where you can get your exercise and cooking fix.  Founded by Lorna Borenstein the se
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The GrubMarket app allows people to order farm-fresh food and natural products that are delivered right to their door across the U.
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KetoDiet App
The KetoDiet App is the creation of Martina Slajerova a health and wellness enthusiast who's a strong proponent of low carb eat
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MightyNest is an ecommerce company that is taking the guess work out of finding safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly house
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MountainRoseHerbs.com is an online retailer of organic herbs, spices, teas, body care, and health products.  Initially started
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Natural Zing
Natural Zing has been serving customers and retailers with the highest quality foods including raw, living, vegan, organic, and wil
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No More To-Go
No More To-Go is a weekly meal-planning site founded by Stacey Stabenow, a mother of three who knows how chaotic dinner can be in a
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Nom Nom Paleo
Nom Nom Paleo is the extremely popular blog of Michelle Tan and Henry Wong.  What started as a simple recipe website has devel
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