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About eMeals.com
eMeals.com is a website that provides its customers with a wide range of weekly meal plans to help make dinner and shopping a more efficient process.  Originating from two busy moms’ needs to make meal planning easier the site now serves hundreds of thousands of people.
The website provides a variety of options and you can choose their meal plans based on popular diets, health goals, or types of cuisine.  Their service then helps you plan, shop and cook delicious foods using recipes curated and crafted by professional chefs.

How Does it Work?

You start by selecting the size of your family and which plan you wish to follow.  Current options include: 30 Minute Meals, Budget Friendly, Classic Meals, Clean Eating, Diabetic, Gluten Free, Kid Friendly, Low Calorie, Low Carb, Low Fat, Mediterranean, Paleo, Portion Control, Simple Gourmet, Slow Cooker, and Vegetarian.
After you’ve made your selections you will begin receiving meal plans every week via email.  Your meal plan will include 7 dinners featuring an entree and side dish, you also have the option of subscribing to breakfast, lunch and dessert meal plans if you wish.
Your plan will also include an itemized and organized shopping list to minimize the amount of time you spend at the store.  It will also include any featured deals and coupons available for your meals to help you save money.  You can also integrate the service with a smartphone via their mobile app.
Members also have the option of changing meal plans several times a month in case you’re not happy or want to experience something different.

Free Trial & Pricing:

eMeals.com offers a 2 week free trial for their service, this gives you a chance to see if their plans work with your budget and lifestyle.  After the trial is up you have a choice of subscription plans.
You can choose 12 months for $58 ($5/month), 6 months for $48 ($8/month) or 3 months for $30 ($10/month).

Customer Service:

If you have any questions you can contact a representative through eMeals.com, they also have a very helpful FAQ section where you can get answers to most questions.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Based on the online feedback it’s clear that people really like this service.  It helps home cooks feed large families without the stress that comes with always having to come up with dinner ideas.  The budget/slow cooker plans are also favorites as they help save money and time.
The company also has lots of social media support from their customers with over 140k likes on facebook.

Competitors and Alternatives:

More food bloggers and chefs are turning their recipes into meal plans so there are now a number of services to choose from.  Some other Paleo meal plans include: Paleo Plan, Paleo Leap, and MOMables.
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James Burrus
Bakersfield CA
Won't cancel. Ignores cancel request even and writing.

Last year I've tried it cancel within my trial period. They would not refund me the charge. They sent me a email stating they didn't receive my first email and I still have copies of all the emails to them. Now a year later I'm getting a $94 charge on my credit card from them.

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When you call to cancel your renewal, they very sweetly try to sell you on some new plan they have etc etc... DON'T FALL FOR THIS. Because when you realize they have "sold you" and you call to cancel , they will tell you that you are outside of your cancellation window and you will be charged, and they will NOT give you a refund.

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James Burrus
May 29, 2017

They would not cancel for me I sent emails to them last year and they are trying to charge me again. I'm disputing and going to be filing complaints.

Marjorie Haack
Springfield, OR

I'd like it a whole lothing more if the app didn't shut down every time I use it. I'm at the store for an extra hour trying to get my list as I wait for the app to finally open up long enough to write it down before it closes again. I let them know and was told they would get back to me, they didn't. Then my supscribtion was due to renew and I tried to tell them again why I won't be renewing. They ended up saying it was my phone, Android to be exact. That's all they had to say. I would have renewed had they tried to actually help
Total bummer.

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