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Custom supplements for a Paleo diet

Care/of is a new vitamins & supplements brand that creates custom daily packs of the supplements in your regimen.

How it Works
When you visit Care/of, you go through a survey that takes about 5 minutes and answer questions about your diet and health goals. This is key- since my diet is fairly restrictive I thought it was important to find out what nutrients I should be taking. They also ask you about your lifestyle and about how often you work out, and take that into consideration. They then recommend vitamins and supplements for you - in my case, Calcium was recommended since I don't have dairy, along with Vitamin D since I don't get enough sun exposure, Rhodiola, an herbal product to boost energy, and a few others. I liked how the recommendations were tailored to my diet and quite thoughtful.

You have the ability at that point to add or remove supplements and basically change your recommendations. I made a couple changes and clicked on the products to learn more. It seems as though they are quite focused on their supply chain which is so important - just like I only want organic/sustainable groceries, I think it's great to get that in my vitamins too.

The product
When you check out you are going to get a monthly subscription of your custom vitamins, in daily packs. My total was just over $30 a month, which I'm pretty sure is less than what I was paying before.

I got my package a few days later and it's actually remarkable how much easier it is to deal with my daily vitamins. The packs are super convenient and I usually grab one on my way out the door in the morning. The packaging is also really nice and I have it out on my counter, so just seeing it helps me remember my vitamins.

I reached out to the Care/of guys a few days after I received to to ask a few questions, and they were really responsive and seemed quite knowledgeable too. It was great to be able to have a conversation with a real person about this stuff.

All in all, really solid experience and I'll definitely keep taking these.

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