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About Trifecta Nutrition
Trifecta delivers all-natural and fresh meals to people's door through three unique plans. The name Trifecta originates from horse racing when people pulled a "triple perfecta," which is betting on top of the three horses in a race. 
For the company, trifecta is the concept of having three areas of life in perfect order:  physical fitness, social wellness, and mental health.  

Products and Ingredients:

Every organic meal is made from scratch and many ingredients are sourced from local family-run suppliers with sustainable practices. Vegetables, for example, are naturally grown, and livestock are naturally raised. 
Any fats in the meals are healthy, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found naturally in the whole food ingredients. Oil is rarely used, but if it is integrated, it will be coconut oil, grape seed oil and sesame seed oil. Sugar is also excluded from meals and any sweetener that is added will come from the ingredients themselves such as maple syrup. 
Every meal will have nutritional and calorie information so people know what is in the food or if they need to supplement their diet. 

Cost and Price Plans:

All of the plans provide free delivery. Customers who subscribe to the newsletter will get four free ebooks. 
Clean meals (7 days a week)
  • Clean Better Boost: 2 meals a day at $13.49/meal
  • Clean High Energy Fat Burner: 3 meals a day at $12.99/meal
  • Clean Pro Athlete: 4 meals a day at $12.49/meal
The Clean High Energy Fat Burner and Clean Pro Athlete plans come with a Trifecta coach and one entry in a monthly giveaway.  
Paleo meals (7 days a week)
  • Paleo Boot Camp: 1 meal a day at $14.99/meal
  • Paleo Better Body Boost: 2 meals a day at $13.99/meal
  • Paleo High Energy Fat Burner: 3 meals a day at $13.99/meal
  • Paleo Pro Athlete: 4 meals a day at $12.49/meal
The Paleo High Energy Fat Burner and Paleo Pro Athlete plans provide access to a Trifecta Coach and one entry in a monthly giveaway. 
Vegetarian (7 days a week)
  • Veg Better Body Boost: 2 meals a day at $10.99/meal
  • Veg High Energy Fat Burner: 3 meals a day at $10.49/meal
  • Veg Pro Athlete: 4 meals a day at $9.99/meal
The Veg High Energy Fat Burner and Veg Pro Athlete plans provide access to a Trifecta coach and one entry in a monthly giveaway. 

Customer Service:

Contact the company at or call 1 (530) 564-8388. Customers can skip a week if the company is notified at least a week in advance before a Friday. People can also cancel their plans anytime.  

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints:

At this time there are no independent reviews from customers that can be found online.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are a variety of companies delivering Paleo-friendly meals such as Pre-Made Paleo, Pete's Paleo, and Green Chef

Where to Buy?

People can sign up for meal plans on the Trifecta website ( 
If you have tried Trifecta's meal plans, please leave your reviews below. 
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Canceling Customer
Fist sized vegetables and tiny fatty meat

The meat they offer is usually tiny and incorrectly portioned. They also charge for chicken breast prices, but will send you fatty chicken thigh.

The vegetables look like they are cut blindfolded with a dull blade. Every meal has vegetables that are cut at all different sizes and shapes. Be prepared to always have to re-chop everything.

Also, they add molasses and maple syrup to vegetables and meat. Glad I'm eating healthy with that extra serving of sugar.

The vegetables are either over cooked and mushy like chunky pudding or undercooked and hard as a rock.

Skip these guys and find a better more consistent vendor.

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Craig Staples
Fairfax, Va
They'll leave you hungry

It's a nice concept... I ordered from them for ~3-4 weeks. They pretty much messed up every order. Wrong food, delayed shipments and no shipments. Contacted their customer service, whom it's the owners. They were nice, seemingly tried to help, but they could even get the re-orders correct. They offered to discount a week to make up for the error, I only received half of the meals... Food was pretty good, but unreliable service.

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Greg Connolly
March 08, 2016

Hi Craig,

I am sorry again that our kitchen team screwed up your order. We tried a number of times to correct the situation but did not hear back from you on our emails and phone calls. Our kitchen is shipping 20,000 meals per week and it is staffed by humans so occasionally mistakes are made (less than 0.03% of the time).

We back all orders with a 100% money back guarantee, and refunded all of your orders that had mistakes. We are a small business, and as a small business owner yourself I'd hope that since we gave you a full refund you wouldn't find it necessary to go out of your way to give find a website to give us a negative review, but that was apparently not the case.

Yes we often do the customer service ourselves, it allows us to hear what our customers are looking for, and make improvements to the business quickly.

I apologize again for the mistakes on your orders. It rarely every happens.

-Greg Connolly

Sherry McDonnell
September 24, 2016

Craig get over it!

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