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About Territory Foods
Territory Foods provides healthy prepared meals to their customer's front doors. Territory Foods was created by Patrick Smith, Jeff Kelley, Robert Morton, and Josh Kriger. There are many other members that contribute to the Territory team, which can be found on their website.

What is Territory Foods?

Territory foods is ultimately a business where customers can place an order with for healthy pre-planned meals. Territory foods currently are only available in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Southern California, San Fransico Bay Area, and Dallas-Fort Worth.
They wanted a way to have healthy and delicious foods created by local chefs from around the globe to be available to everyone. They say each meal is half creative local chefs and half nutritionists.
All of their meals are made from antibiotic and hormone-free meats from animals raised without cages and with room to roam. Also with fresh, local and organic ingredients whenever possible. They also claim they never use ingredients containing gluten, dairy, or added nitrates.

Products & Prices:

Territory Foods offers a weekly subscription service or a one-time delivery. The company asks each customer to sign up and take a quiz before revealing their individualized plan. They put together recommended meals for each customer, which they can add to their cart.


They offer many different types of meals for their customers. A few of their meals are listed below.
  • Coffee pork with sweet potato hash and applesauce.
  • Frittata Primavera with seasonal vegetables.
  • Chicken Laksa Noodles
Delivery or Pickup - each customer can decide whether to get it delivered for a fee of $4.99 or pick up at a local facility for free.


The pricing of the customer's subscription can vary based on a number of meals they request. They have two sizes which differentiate the pricing. The boost size is mainly for lighter eaters and grazers. These meals are $10.50 each, making plans starting at $21.00 a week. The Standard size is mainly the regular size helping. These meals are $13.50 each, making plans start at $27.00 a week.
The pricing for 10 standard sizes meals a week, that are low carb, and are being picked up at a local facility is $135.00 for a weekly subscription. The pricing for 10 standard sizes meals a week, that are low carb, and are being picked up at a local facility is $141.80 for a one-time delivery.

Customer Service:

Territory foods do not have a standard return policy. However, they do state that "If you're not satisfied, we will do our absolute best to fix that”. There are a couple of ways for customers to contact the company.
For customer service needs, they have an email which is hello@territoryfoods.com. They have their main company address which is 1712 Mt. Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301. They also have a phone number, which is 202.656.1644. You can also reach out to them via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Online Reviews:

Reviews on Territory Foods seem to be mostly positive. Customers think they offer unique recipes that offer an easy way to stay healthy.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are multiple healthy subscription boxes available. Hello Fresh offers three subscription meal plans ranging in price from $8.74-$9.99 per serving.
Home Chef offers meals that are $9.95 per serving. Green Chef offers multiple meal plans ranging in price from $10.49-$14.99 per meal.

Where to Buy?

You can sign up directly at their website.
If you are a current customer of Territory Foods please leave a review of your experience with the company below.
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Washington, DC
Convenient and Delicious

My boyfriend and I just hopped on the Territory Foods bandwagon and we don't know why we waited so long. Our gym is a pick-up location, so it's beyond easy for us to grab our food after a work-out (and also an added incentive to work out on pick-up days). The meals are delicious and I love being able to filter for certain macros.

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