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Nom Nom Paleo
Nom Nom Paleo is the extremely popular blog of Michelle Tan and Henry Wong.  What started as a simple recipe website has devel
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Bodeefit is an all in one hub for exercise and nutritional guidance.  The company, founded by Adam Griffin, has developed into
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KetoDiet App
The KetoDiet App is the creation of Martina Slajerova a health and wellness enthusiast who's a strong proponent of low carb eat
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Real Plans
Real Plans is the creation of popular food/natural health blogger Emily, of the Holistic Squid blog, and her husband.  Through
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ZipList.com is a new website and mobile app that aims to simplify online recipe browsing.  The technology allows people to int
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Spinlister.com is a website that uses the new sharing economy to connect people with bikes, surf boards, or snowboards.  This
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Cody App
Originally developed as a social fitness app, allowing friends to motivate and share workouts with each other, the Cody App now ser
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eMeals.com is a website that provides its customers with a wide range of weekly meal plans to help make dinner and shopping a more
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Wodify is in all in one software solution that caters to the needs of small gym owners, coaches and athletes.  The app is desi
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Paprika Recipe Manager App
Paprika is an app that helps customers organize recipes from the web, make meal plans and create grocery lists. Paprika's built
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Pepperplate is a seamless digital cooking platform that syncs across almost any type of computer, smartphone, and tablet. The app,
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BerryCart is a free iPhone and Android app that offers coupons, deals, and discounts on healthy foods in the form of cash back reba
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The GrubMarket app allows people to order farm-fresh food and natural products that are delivered right to their door across the U.
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Plan To Eat - Menu Planner App
Plan to Eat is the jack of all trades when it comes to using technology to plan your household meals.  The website/app acts as
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Paleo Restart
Paleo Restart is an app that guides you through an interactive 30-day program so you can jump into Paleo, lose weight, and start fe
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Habit Personalized Nutrition
Habit’s nutrition test and app determines what your body craves at a cellular level and tells you the ideal ratio of cabs, fa