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About Suja Juice
Suja Juice is quickly becoming one of the most dominant organic juice companies on the market.  They have grown a large customer base by creating Cold-Pressured, Organic and non-GMO juices and developing creative cleanses to spread health and wellness nationwide.
By relying solely on High Pressure Processing Suja is able to increase shelf life & maintain essential vitamins, minerals & enzymes of its juices.  This simple formula and a dedication to customer satisfaction has helped become the fastest growing healthy beverage company.

Products and Ingredients:

Suja juice is available in a variety of options to fit your health and lifestyle needs.  Thier extensive product line features smoothies, juices, pressured probiotic waters, and a line fo fresh start cleanses.
The ingredients in all their products are cold-pressured, always organic, never GMO, chemical-free, filler-free, gluten-free, preservative-free.
Suja Juices - were the first line of mass produced health drinks aimed at a mass audience, these include the original flavors and are a lasting staple of the Suja product line.
Suja Classic - dates back to the start of the company in San Diego, these classic juices are a great way to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables.
Suja Elements - is a line of exotic fruits and veggies that was developed exclusively for whole foods.
Fresh Start Cleanse -  the original cleanse designed to reset and rejuvenate your body, it is great for first timers and suits the needs of active individuals.  The program is available in 1, 3 or 5 day options, in which you will consume around 6 of their most popular beverages per day.
Suja 1 Day Renewal - A minimal cleanse that provides you with 3 juices and an accompanying  meal plan featuring carefully curated mini-meals to go with your cleanse.
No matter which product you choose you will get an item that is USDA organic certified, NON GMO project verified,and carries the Cold Pressured Protected seal.

Cost and Price Plans:

The single juices and smoothies cost around $7.99 for an individual 16oz bottle.  They also offer 2 subscription services where you can save money by ordering in bulk.
Go LIghtly Subscription - features a collection of low calorie, low sugar, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free 16oz bottles.  This option also features free shipping.
  • 6 pack for $40
  • 18 pack for $120
  • 48 pack for $320
Green Freak Subscription - As the name implies this collection of juices features nutrient dense leafy greens and a combination of 22 ingredients including superfoods such as kale, chlorella and spirulina.
  • 6 pack for $46
  • 18 pack for $138
  • 48 pack for $368
Keep in mind this is an automatically renewed subscription with a 3 month minimum.

Customer Service:

To reach a representative you can use their phone number 855-879-7852 or email  They also have lots of useful information on their FAQ page for anyone concerned about side effects, the cleanse process, their distribution partnership with Coca Cola, or any other juicing related matters.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There are many health and fitness bloggers that regularly recommend Suja juices and their cleanses, praising them for their taste, convenience, and nutritional content.  If you search online you can find negative reviews for Suja with customer complaints touching on taste, consistency and price.
Keep in mind that many complaints come from first time juicers whose complaints focus more on the cleanse rather than the drink itself, i.e headaches/dehydration.
As far as taste is concerned an obvious recommendation is to sample a few flavors of the juice before committing to a multi day cleanse.

Competitors and Alternatives:

If you are interested in doing a natural cleanse you can always explore homemade recipes and programs which will obviously be more time consuming to execute.  Other big name juice companies include Urban Remedy, Chuice, and Blueprint Cleanse.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase Suja Juice in a variety of health food markets such as whole foods and online via their website or Amazon.
If you have tired any one of their juices please leave your review below.
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