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About Science Natural Supplements
The founder of Science Natural Supplements was an owner of a gym in San Diego. He trained people to get in shape, lose weight, increase strength and self confidence. What led him toward creating this business was his father’s health crisis. His father was in extreme pain from chronic inflammation and the doctors couldn’t help.
Through research he kept coming back to turmeric, a spice that Southeast Asian natives have used to flavor their food and treat ailments. He found that not just any type of tumeric would work - only in its most pure form, grown in fertile soil. It also had to be combined with another ingredient so the body can absorb it. Since the founder couldn’t find it for his dad, he made it. After a few weeks the chronic pain went away. So he built a business out of it to offer it to all consumers.

Product and Ingredients:

The supplements offered and benefits are:
Turmeric with BioPerine: Adding BioPerine to the turmeric increases absorption up to 2000%.
Daily Greens: Daily energy and vitamins. Helps with weight loss, inflammation, blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol and can enhance mood.
Ultra Joint Flex: A joint supplement with turmeric designed to reduce joint pain, increase joint flexion, lower inflammation and decrease morning stiffness.
Acai Max Detox: Acai and 10 other super ingredients this supplement helps to burn fat and decrease hunger.
Digestive Enzymes: Pro enzyme blend with papain. Helps to lower inflammation, increase muscle mass, reduce bloating and constipation and break down milk proteins.
Turmeric Tea: Spicy turmeric chai tea.
100% Pure Moringa: Supports elevated mood - for a look and feel of youth, to balance blood sugar levels, support feelings of happiness and increase joint mobility.
Nuero+IQ Focus Formula: Helps to increase energy, memory and focus without the crash of caffeinated drinks.
Omega 3x - EPA/DHA: From wild-caught fish, this product helps to improve memory and cognitive function, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, boost metabolism, lower inflammation and triglyceride levels.
Probiotic 40 Billion: Supports the microbiota in your gut so that your body can perform in the way it was meant to. It reduces bloating, supports iron absorption, increases muscle mass and reduces inflammation.
These benefit claims can be found here:

Cost and Price Plans:

All bottles are purchased individually, however there is substantial savings if you order more than one bottle of the same type. All bottles start at $49.00. So, for example, if you buy one bottle of Turmeric with BioPerine you pay $49.00 for 60 capsules but if you buy 3 bottles it is $99.00, a savings of 33% and if you buy 6 bottles it is $147.00, a savings of 41%.

Customer Service:

Phone: 1-800-305-1334
Call hours Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm EST
They have a money back guarantee. The bottles that you are dissatisfied with must be returned within 180 days of the original date of purchase. You have to pay return shipping and all shipping costs will be excluded from the refund.

Online reviews/Complaints:

There are mixed reviews about Science Natural Supplements and specifically Turmeric with BioPerine. It is a challenge to decipher some of the reviewers motives. Some of the reviews directly lead to the Science Natural Supplements site when exiting which leaves one thinking that they benefit from your purchase. Generally reviews that are not positive seem to feel that Turmeric with BioPerine is not the magical supplement that the website could lead one to believe.

Competitors and Alternatives:

A search online leads you several competitors for products that are easier to access and reviews that are clear. One found at for Bio Schwartz’s Turmeric Cucumin with BioPerine. A slightly different combination, received 4.5/5 stars out of 10,000 customer reviews. The product is $17.95 for 90 capsules (compared to $49 for 60 of Science Natural’s) and also has a 100% money back guarantee.
Another products is Herbal Secrets Turmeric which costs $14.99 for 180 capsules. It also got 4.5/5 stars out of 80 reviews.

Where to Buy?

Buy direct from their website:
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