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PuraThrive Liposomal B12
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About PuraThrive Liposomal B12
A lot of people struggle with b12 deficiency and don't even know it. The main symptoms of b12 deficiency are bouts of sadness, brain fog, tingling limbs, lightheadedness, feeling rundown, memory loss, mood swings, and low energy. Most take supplements, however, stomach acid may cause the body not to absorb it.
That is where PuraThrive is trying to make a difference. The founder of PuraThrive Dr.Edward Group started this product to increase the absorption of B12.

What is PuraThrive B12?

B12 is a vitamin important for the normal formation of red blood cells and the health of the nerve tissues. PuraThrive B12 is made with fulvic acid and liposome. Fulvic acid is a highly soluble organic phenol found in humus. A liposome is a layer of fat that is similar to cell walls in the human body.
Liposome protects the B12 from getting destroyed by stomach acid. And fulvic acid makes the B12 more absorbable. These drops can be taken straight, added into a small glass of water or mix into an 8 oz. glass of juice. Or added into a smoothie.

Products & Prices:

PuraThrive Liposomal B12 with Fulvic Acid 1 Bottle - comes in a liquid form in a dropper style bottle of 2 fluid ounces.
The price for one bottle is $39.95.
3 Bottles costs $34.95 per bottle.
4 Bottle package costs $29.95 per bottle and is a 40% discount from the single price.

Side Effects:

There are no known side effects for this product.  As always if you are concerned consult with a medical professional before taking any supplement.

Customer Service:

PuraThrive offers a 60-day money back guarantee even if the bottles are empty. However, they do not pay back shipping prices. There are a couple ways to contact PuraThrive. For any order issues or concerns, there is an email to contact them which is info@PuraThrive.com.
For any questions, there is also a phone number which is 1-888-292-8309. They also have a Facebook page. They ask for customers to call between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. PuraThrive says they treat all their clients like family.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Most reviews for PuraThrive Liposomal B12 with Fulvic Acid are positive. On Amazon, there are 37 reviews with an average of a 4 out of 5-star rating. A lot of customers say they have noticed an improvement in energy and brain function since the first day. As well that it tastes like cherries and some have gotten their kids to like it.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Vitamin B12 can be purchased pretty much at any drug or convenience store. Walmart sells a Vitamin B-12 Liposomal Spray in a 2 oz. bottle for $8.35.The Green Pharmacy sells Liposomal B12 Methyfolate in a 2 oz bottle for $24.00. And Amazon sells Optimal Liposomal Active B12 With L-5-MTHF in a 2 oz bottle for $45.95.
PuraThrive also produce a popular Turmeric Extract.
To find out more information on PuraThrive Liposomal B12 with Fulvic Acid visit their website.
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