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About No More To-Go
No More To-Go is a weekly meal-planning site founded by Stacey Stabenow, a mother of three who knows how chaotic dinner can be in an already busy day.
She created No More To-Go to offer families a combination of services including weekly menus, healthy recipes, integrated grocery shopping lists, and cooking tips. Stacey wanted to offer a solution to keep families from relying on fast food.

How it Works:

No More To-Go’s weekly dinner menus are completely organized in advance. There are three different menu types below to choose from and all of the recipes are taste tested by Stacey and her family:
1) Gluten Free Family: Great for families who have a gluten-free lifestyle without needing to look for special ingredients. 
2) Classic Family: Easy recipes with vegetarian and gluten-free alternatives
3) Cooking For Two: Designed to minimize waste and has everything you need to eat fresh every night. 
Once you have chosen your menu, simply do the following: 
1. Pick the menu that fits your family. Each menu comes with 5 complete weeknight menus, a weekend recipe, and matching grocery list.
2. Every week, a new menu is designed with easy-to-follow recipes using coordinated ingredients to minimize waste.
3. Personalize your menu according to your family’s preferences and schedule to create a custom menu and coordinating grocery list.
4. Shop at the store with your printed list or your smart phone.

Cost and Price Plans:

You can try a 14-day free trial and can cancel anytime. 
Once you select a menu, you can join the following subscription plans:
1 month - $7.00
3 months - $18.00 (15% savings)
6 months - $34.00 (20% savings)
12 months - $64.00 (24% savings)

Customer Service:

You can find the most commonly asked questions on the support page ( If you need more help you can send a message to the contact support team ( You can follow company updates on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. 
You can cancel your subscription at any time on the My Account page. Once you've cancelled, no more charges will be made on your credit card and you will continue to have access to the service for the rest of the paid term.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints:

People who love No More To-Go appreciate the variety of healthy recipes and  time saved from not needing to plan meals. Customers find the price very affordable for what you get. 
The service may not be the best option for people who are on a tight budget because some items like quinoa and Tahini paste are more expensive. Some people experienced computer glitches when they tried to access the menus.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many healthy meal planning companies including The Fresh 20, Cook Smarts, and The Six O'Clock Scramble.

Where to Buy?

You can subscribe to No More To-Go's meal plans on their website ( 
If you have tried No More To-Go's meal plans, please leave your review below. 
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