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About Keto Fridge
Keto Fridge is a new service that is taking the convenience of meal delivery and applying it to the Keto Diet.  With people working longer and longer hours companies catering to healthy pre-made meals have really taken off.
Many of us are health conscious, or want to be, but find it difficult to balance work, family, and healthy cooking.  Thus a variety of companies both offering fully cooked meals or meal kits which include healthy ingredients have stepped in to fill the gap.
These companies range in size and which diets the focus on; even is now jumping aboard this trend.  Keto Fridge has taken up the mantle of being one of the few companies to offer pre-made meals for the Keto Diet.

What is the Keto Diet?

For those unfamiliar with Keto it takes the Paleo diet to the next level by restricting your daily carb intake.  So you’re eating the same grain free healthy diet with the exception of getting your calories from fats and proteins.
This forces your body to go into a state of ketosis as it makes the metabolic change from burning sugars to fat for energy.  Because of this change many people experience weight loss more easily than on other diets.

Product and Ingredients:

The professionals at Keto Fridge have designed an extensive menu that will keep you satisfied while following the Keto diet.  Their meals are carefully portioned and designed so that you hit your keto macros of roughly 75% Fat, 20% Protein, and 5% Carbs with around 600-700 calories.
You can view the ingredients and nutritional information on the website ahead of time and they are also listed on the individual items packaging. They have also made it easy for you to track your diet as you can scan the meals for easy upload to myfitnesspal.
Their menu changes every week based off fresh ingredients ensuring that you will not get bored and have lots of options.

How Does Keto Fridge Work?

The company does not require you to subscribe; each week you simply login and choose which meals you’d like to order.  Orders are due every Friday by 11:59PM and delivered that Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on your location). A new keto menu is updated every Saturday at 12AM.
The meals are ready to go you just need to follow the heating instructions.  According to Keto Fridge a “meal is 1 serving, but many customers tend to have leftovers, since they’re fairly large portions.”
Keto Fridge meals are good for up to 5 days after you receive your order and you also have the option of freezing them (up to a month) for later use if your plans change.
The menu gives you options for a variety of meals for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Cost and Price Plans:

Meals range in price from $14-$20 depending on what you are ordering and there is a minimum order of 5 meals.

Customer Service:

Currently Keto Fridge delivers to all of the United States of America (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).  If you have any questions issues you can reach the company by email at Info@KetoFridge.comor at their phone number 718-535-8670.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There are many positive reviews for Keto Fridge with people really enjoying the options and the taste of the meals.  A few comments online mentioned that some may want to keep a lower carb count than what some Keto Fridge meals contain, but that is a personal preference and you can plan your diet as you see fit using their nutritional info.
A few people also mentioned the price of meals as a possible deterrent for new customers.  Overall Keto Fridge prices are inline with most Paleo premade or meal kit or delivery services.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are not many dedicated Keto meal services but you can definitely hack together your own options using some of the paleo companies such as Green Chef, Factor 75, and Metabolic Meals.

Where to Buy?

You can signup directly at
If you have tried any of their meals please share your thoughts with the community in a detailed review below.
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Jeanie o’Brien
Port Republic, VA
Only fair

Had my first meal tonight. It was only fair. I had the salmon but they forgot to enclose the coconut tarragon sauce, so the salmon had a very fishy taste and I did not really like it. I hate ice cream so it defeated the purpose of a healthy meal.

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upstate ny
fancy meals

I think the meals are delicious and covenient. Unfortunately, the website no longer accepts the 10% discount codes. I tried all 3 and none of them applied. I won't continue to order without being able to use the discount because I can cook meals cheaper. I really felt like it was a special treat those 4 weeks I ordered tho!

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Olivia Basham
Arlington, TX
Food is good, customer care, not at all.

I just had a very unfortunate interaction with "Ben" from customer service after he offered me a coupon for an order I had already made.

So, I asked if I could get one for the next week instead. He clearly didn't want to do that nor did he want to apologize to me for offering he something he now didn't want to give me, but instead wanted to explain how codes work to me as either redirection or perhaps an incorrect assumption that I was not not sophisticated enough to understand how discount codes work.

After speaking to me very condescendingly and then arguing back and forth with me about whether or not he was being condescending AND THEN arguing about whether or not he was arguing, I emailed the owner, who also brushed me off and didn't even give the kind of basic "We're sorry you are unhappy." kind of apology that the most professional companies would make.

The owner, Theo, was at least able to keep himself from arguing, which was an improvement over Ben, but it was clear that he didn't see anything wrong with the interaction, which is disappointing, as they both don't seem to understand professional courtesy at all. It's a shame since I am their target customer. Strict Keto with the funds to purchase their expensive product. Now I'm conflicted about ever ordering again as the product is really pretty good.

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