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About FitVine Wine
FitVine is a new company that is jumping on the trend of “healthifying” common foods to fit the needs of dieters and those pursuing clean living. New products these days have changed the way we eat and think about our comfort foods.  You can now find a Paleo version of almost any meal, everything from pies to pizza crusts!
When you dive head first into healthy eating, especially more restrictive diets like Keto one of the biggest challenges becomes giving up the things you love.  For many people that happens to be Wine.
FitVine was founded specifically for this reason when a group of friends decided to craft a wine that fit into their active and eco-conscious lifestyles.

Is there Such a thing as Healthy Wine?

The tricky thing about choosing wine is that there are no ingredient labels on the bottle and many companies are simply estimating their nutritional info.  Add to that the many additives that find their way into the process and you’re left with an even more muddled picture.
However there are ways to mitigate these factors and choose a better wine.
  • Look for organic and biodynamically farmed grapes.  This limits your exposure to harmful pesticides and herbicides and provides are a more nutritious grape.
  • Explore Dry Farmed Wines -  this method of farming limits the water access of the grapevine; while producing lower yields it forces the roots to dig way deeper into the soil accessing richer nutrients and minerals.
  • Additive free wines - Many large commercial operations add a variety of questionable ingredients to give their wines a certain look and taste.  This includes everything from added sugars to sulfites.
    This is a good starting point for finding healthier wines, you can also look for lab tested wines for further peace of mind.

    Product and Ingredients:

    FitVine wines go through malolactic fermentation to lower sugar levels in the wine.  FitVine reports that their wines’ average less than 1.3g of sugar per liter or ~0.2g per 5oz glass.
    For a glass of some of their white vines this results in 90 calories and 3g of carbs.  For the reds it is around 95 calories and 3.4g of carbs.
    One of the other aspects of creating a healthier wine is to limit the amount of sulfites which they accomplish through a proprietary process that results in less than 35 ppm.
    They also state that their wine is free of additives, excessive sulfites, GMOs, & residual sugars.

    Cost and Price Plans:

    Per bottle prices start from $15.99
    A case of 12 bottles starts from $191.88 and qualifies you for free shipping.

    Customer Service:

    FitVine offer a 60 day money back guarantee on their products. If you are not happy with your purchase you can send back unopened bottles for a 100% refund.  This gives you a unique opportunity to sample their wines risk free.
    If you have any issues you can reach someone at or through their online contact form.

    Online Reviews/Complaints:

    FitVine has a great online presence with many positive reviews on their website.  They are also active in the health community and have sponsored competitive crossfit athletes.  For the most part people have reported that their wines are approachable and have a clean taste and finish.
    As always you should drink in moderation despite the healthier wine aspect of FitVine.

    Competitors and Alternatives:

    There is a growing number of affordable organic wines available at local health and liquour stores.  Some other healthier wine options are available from Dry Farm Wines.

    Where to Buy?

    FitVine wines are sold in many Whole Foods stores across the country.  Use their store locator to find a retailer near you or order directly online.
    If you have tried any of their wines please share your comments in a detailed review below.
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