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There are tons of products out in the world that help with losing weight, stop hunger, and end fatigue. However, most of them are not really healthy for you. Energybits is a company who claim to change that. Catharine Arnston created Energybits in 2008. Catharine was featured on Shark Tank, although she was not offered a deal. However, she took the Sharks advice and changed the packaging. So what exactly are Energybits?

What are Energybits?

Energybits are defined on the company’s website as tiny tablets of algae that will eliminate hunger and fatigue. The leading ingredient is organically grown, non-GMO spirulina algae and has 40 nutrients and vitamins that are listed on their website. These tablets have no caffeine, sugar, chemicals, gluten or soy. But you have to take 30 of these tablets for one dose! Energybits and all of their other products only sell at their website.


Energybits targets the general aspects such as epic workouts and a strong mental state. They say it is a healthy snack that will cut out caffeine. 
Recoverybits are marketed towards recovery after a workout as well as enhancing immune systems, reducing colds, relieving hangovers and even reducing aging.
Vitalitybits are geared towards improving vitality and boosting longevity. They claim it does a little bit of everything.
Skinnybits are marketed towards getting clearer skin and losing weight. They also say to add this to your diet to lessen any cravings.


All of their tablet lines go for $120.00. You can also request to be put on their mailing list if you are interested in promotions they have going. The shipping they offer is through FedEx and the prices range depending on the area as well as if you want 1, 2, or 3-day shipping.

Side Effects:

There are no known side effects except the product not tasting well. The company suggests you quickly swallow the tablets with water.

Customer Service:

Since it is a food item they do not take returns if the product has been opened. Because of this, they suggest you purchase a sample pack from Amazon first. If you receive defective items contact them at
For questions or concerns, you can contact them by email, phone number, or by mail. The email is The phone number is 617-886-5106. And the address is ENERGYbits® Inc. Customer Relations, 9 Hawthorne Place, Suite 6R Boston, MA, 02114. They also have a Facebook and Twitter account.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

So do Energybits work? On Facebook, they have mostly very positive reviews. Even across the internet, most reviews are positive saying that it increases energy after a workout and curbs hunger.  The consensus seems to be that Energybits are a valuable supplement to be used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and are not to be viewed as a magic pill.  On the other hand some found their broad claims difficult to quantify.

Competitors and Alternatives:

These days you can buy algae pills pretty much anywhere. GNC sells them online and they have stores you can go on all over. You can purchase all kinds of these pills on Amazon as well. You can even pick it up at your local CVS.
Other natural and marine based recovery and energy products include APSU Supplement, Xendurance, and Activation Products.
Energybits are a very interesting product with a lot of bold claims. With mostly positive reviews they seem to be working well for a lot of people. Perhaps trying one of the cheaper options would be wise first.

Where to Buy?

If you’re interested and have the money to spare, you can purchase their product directly from their website or on Amazon.
If you have tried any of their product options please leave a review below.
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