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About Crowd Cow
Crowd Cow is a breakthrough company that has created a well crafted online interface and business plan to allow people better access to high quality meats.  The founders have turned their passion for tech and health into this thriving business.
As more information comes out about the negative effects of factory farms and eating poorly raised animals more people are switching to high-end grassfed and pastured meats.
The issue that most people run into is either not having local access to good meats or being priced out due to higher costs.  Crowd Cow addresses both those issues by allowing people to sign up for cow shares then shipping directly to consumers.

How Does It Work?

Crowd Cow puts you in touch directly with farms and allows you to select the exact cuts that you’d like to buy.  They work with small independent farms that compassionately raise their animals and adhere to high standards.
Essentially they are consolidating and simplifying the process of buying meat direct from ranchers.  They simultaneously offer farmers an easy way to grow their business without having to setup the infrastructure to deal directly with consumers.
You simply login to the site select which type of meat you want, check to see which cuts are available, then complete your purchase.

Products and Ingredients:

There are many factors that influence the taste of meat and how it was raised. Its pedigree, how the meat is handled, and how it’s prepared all play a huge roll.  By sourcing meat from small farms Crowd Cow can ensure that its standards are being upheld.
They offer full transparency and let you know exactly on what farm your cow was raised.  If you need further peace of mind you can do whatever additional independent research you chose to.
The company is highly selective and only work with ranches that provide exceptional products.  They perform taste tests and look for farms that are established and experienced at what they do.
They offer you the choice of 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef, Pasture-raised, grain-finished beef, Pure A5 Wagyu, or Pasture-raised chicken.  They also include detailed information on the farms where the animals are raised giving you a complete picture of where your food is coming from.

Cost and Price Plans:

The costs are based on the type of animal and the type of cut that you select.  Because the whole cow is up for sale you can get creative with your orders and get cuts that you normally wouldn’t see at your local grocery store.
Crowd Cow has detailed guides on their side explaining each cut and also provide tasty recipes to go along with them.
Here’s a sampling of their prices.
Grass-Fed/Grass Finished Tri Tip Share $94 - includes 3 pound Tri-tip, a 3 pound Rump Roast, and 2 lbs of premium ground beef.
Grass-Fed/Grass Finished New York Steak Share $119.00 - includes 3 lbs of New York Strip Steak, 16oz of Denver Steak, and 2 lbs of premium ground beef.
Crowd Cow also regularly offers specials, discounts and promos depending on what they have in inventory.  You can also earn $25 credit to your account by referring a new customer.

Customer Service:

If you have any issues you can reach a support staff member at or send a text to (206) 539-0639.
The company ships everywhere in the contiguous United States.  Once you select your order you until the end of the event date/tipping point to make any changes.  If for some reason they are not able to sell off enough shares in the cow the even will be cancelled and your card will not be charged.
If the shares are sold then your order will typically ship the following week.  Crowd Cow offers flat rate shipping fee of Shipping is $12.99 no matter how much you buy, no matter where it ships.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Crowd Cow has been featured in many national publications and has generated lots of positive press buzz.  People have commented that they love the taste of their steaks and can tell the difference that the 14 day dry aging brings, describing it as “tender and buttery.”
People also love the fact that the steaks are shipped in vacuum sealed bags so that those with sous vide machines can drop them straight in with no prep work.

Crowd Cow vs ButcherBox:

One of the other major players in the direct to consumer healthy beef market is ButcherBox.  The companies have different business models but both are targeting the same customer base.
ButcherBox is a subscription service that sends you a 7 -10 lb package of assorted cuts for $129.  They also let you know where your meat is coming from and how it was raised.  The main difference being that with Crowd Cow they put one animal on the auction block until it is fully sold.
Some other providers of Grass-Fed meat include: Vital Farms, Plaid Cow Society, and US Wellness Meats.

Where to Buy?

You can check out their current inventory at
If you have ordered from CC please leave a detailed review below describing the shopping  experience along with your thoughts on the taste/quality of the meat.
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North Hollywood, California
There IS a Difference!

Crowd Cow has excellent product, and equally excellent Customer Service/Support. I have purchased a lot of the Offal or Rustic cuts from them, as well as ground beef (Tri Tip awaiting a special dinner), and made sure that the first thing I cooked with the Gebbers beef from them was plain hamburger patties - so the flavor would be very pure. Wow! Great stuff... I am a foodie-ish person, and was completely impressed with the flavor and texture. I could not believe this was the same kind of meat as the Organic Grass Fed ground beef from a major grocery store. I did find a couple of hard bits in the meat (cartelige? bone fragment?) ad wasn't sure if that was thing with fresh fresh beef. So - I emailed Customer Service and asked the question - not an angry customer, just looking for education. Learned it was not normal, and received credit for the purchase, and addtional credit on future orders - what is not to love about that kind of support?
Also - every cut comes with cooking techniques and recipes. Another win.

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