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About Coco Cocktail
COCO Cocktail #REFRESH is the world’s first alcoholic beverage with vitamins and minerals. In 2012, Healthy Beverages, LLC Co-Founders Franz Tudor and Todd Shull, had the vision to create a nutritious ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage to offer consumers a more nutritious alcohol choice besides red wine. Then COCO Cocktail #REFRESH was born.

Products and Ingredients:

Customers who are 21 and over can enjoy COCO Cocktail’s #REFRESH features:
  • All natural lime and lemon extracts to deliver a crisp and refreshing experience
  • Low carb (7 g) and low calorie (130)
  • 177 mg of potassium
  • 70% all natural tender green coconut water
  • Contains superfruits Garcinia, Cambogia, and Mango Seed
  • 5.5% ABV from premium malt
  • Gluten-free 
  • Paleo-friendly
The product is the result of Tudor’s 15 plus years of experience in the healthcare industry and Shull’s 15 plus years of experience in fitness and nutrition. They experimented with a variety of ingredients until they found the ideal blend for COCO Cocktail #REFRESH.
Healthy Beverages, LLC is committed to delivering consumers with products made with only nutritious ingredients and providing full transparency as to the ingredient and nutritional composition in every can.  Extensive testing was done on COCO Cocktail #REFRESH by certified independent third-party laboratories to assess the nutritional contents, confirm that all of the ingredients in the finished product are all natural non-GMO, and gluten-free. 
The company also received Paleo Friendly Certification after review by the Paleo Foundation. People can review the test results and documents after request by emailing
#REFRESH is sold as 4-packs of 12 oz sleek cans and the drink can be consumed straight from the can or over ice. It can be used as a nutritious mixer with your favorite spirit.


The prices vary depending on the store, but the drink sells on H-E-B for $9.99.

Customer Service:

Contact the company at or call (914)-656-1551. You can also connect with them through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There are no published online reviews but the company won a BevStar award in 2015 from Beverage World.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Other companies that offer healthy alcoholic drinks are SoCIALITE Vodka, Veev, and Devotion Vodka.

Where to Buy?

COCO Cocktail #REFRESH Available in select stores: or on H-E-B.
If you have tried COCO Cocktail #REFRESH, please leave your review below.
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Shannon T?
Love this product

I stumbled upon this at a local store called Earth Fare. I am a social wine drinker and I love coconut water...Bam, there it was! My two favorite things :). A little pricey but staying hydrated while enjoying an adult beverage is a bonus.

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