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Truly Spiked and Sparkling
Truly Spiked & Sparkling Water is a spiked sparkling water. Their slogan is “Refreshing like sparkling water, but way mor
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TX Bar Organics
TX Bar Organics is a family farm based in Northern California that specializes in raising healthy organic grass fed black angus cow
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Urban Remedy
Urban Remedy is a health food company specializing in raw and organic juices, cleanses, snacks, and meals.  They combine the l
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US Wellness Meats
US Wellness Meats is a provider of grass-fed meat and dairy products.  Found online at www.GrasslandBeef.com, the company has
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Vital Choice
Vital Choice is an online retailer specializing in harvesting and sourcing the finest Seafood, grass fed meats, and organic foods.
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Vital Farms
Vital Farms’ mission is to bring ethically produced food by partnering with family farms to operate with defined organic agri
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Well Food Company
The Well Food Company provides a wide range of Paleo snacks, bars, and protein powders.  Started by former NFL player John Wel
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Wellness Bakeries
Wellness Bakeries is a company specializing in Paleo Bread and Dessert Baking mixes and also provides a wealth of resources for hea
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Western Grassfed Beef
Western Grassfed Beef is committed to providing customers with delicious, fresh, and humanely raised 100% grassfed and 100% grass-f
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Wild Foods Co
Wild Foods Co is a health based online retailer inspired by the Paleo diet.  They create high quality foods and supplements to
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Wild Mountain Paleo Market
Wild Mountain Paleo Market is an online store that caters to Paleo and health conscious consumers.  On their site you can find
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Wild Zora
Wild Zora snack bars are a healthy alternative to traditional jerky and energy bars.  The company believes in the ancestral he
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Wildway is a company that makes grain free instant hot cereal and granola. Wildway was created by a married couple who wanted to le
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Wise Choice Market
Wise Choice Market has been delivering fermented foods, nutrient-dense real foods and starter cultures to customers since 2010.&nbs
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ZEGO Snacks has produced a one of a kind energy bar that boasts one of the cleanest ingredient profiles on the market.  Their
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