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Buff Bake
Ashley and Brittany Boeckle created Buff Bake, a company that produces protein nut butters and protein cookies made with high quali
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Butcher Box is a monthly subscription service delivering all natural 100% grass fed beef to its customers.  Founded by Mike Sa
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Califlour Foods Pizza Crust
Califlour foods is on a mission to make healthy eating fun and simple.  The company was created by Amy Lacey after she needed
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Cappello's Gluten Free
  Cappello’s is a Colorado based company specializing in gluten free pastas.  For most people deciding to go Pa
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Caveman Coffee
Caveman Coffee, founded by Tait Fletcher, Keith Jardine and Lacie Mackey, is a premier Paleo coffee provider.  They focus on d
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Caveman Cookies
Caveman Cookies from Caveman Bakery LLC provide customers with a delicious yet still Paleo option for treats.  Perfect for any
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Caveman Foods
Caveman Foods was created after the founder, Chris Running, experienced remarkable weight loss and health benefits from the Paleo d
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Chapul Cricket Energy Bar
Chapul is sustainable company founded by Pat Crowley, a water enthusiast and conservationist.  The company aims to address sev
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Choffy is a brewed chocolate made from 100% premium cocoa beans that are roasted and ground to create a rich drink. Unlike coffee,
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Chomps Snack Sticks
Chomps Snack Sticks were created by Pete Maldonado as a healthy alternative to traditional jerky and meat snacks.  His version
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Chuice is the product of Ladell Hill a molecular health specialist, bodybuilder, and personal trainer.  His goal was to create
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Coast Cricket Protein Bars
Coast Protein is a small startup with big goals, the founder wants cricket protein to become a mainstream staple of the Canadian di
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Coco Cocktail
COCO Cocktail #REFRESH is the world’s first alcoholic beverage with vitamins and minerals. In 2012, Healthy Beverages, LLC Co
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Coffee Blocks
Coffee Blocks are revolutionary new products that combine the benefits of healthy fats with your morning coffee.  Inspired by
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Coffee Flour
Coffee Flour converts the surrounding fruit of coffee beans into nutrient-dense coffee flour. The company has created a business mo
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Crowd Cow
Crowd Cow is a breakthrough company that has created a well crafted online interface and business plan to allow people better acces
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Daily Harvest
Daily Harvest is a delivery subscription company that provides fresh superfood fruits and vegetables to their customer's front
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Dale's Raw Foods
Dale's Raw Foods, founded by Dale Buchanan, is a Florida based raw foods producer.  They specialize in creating raw protei
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Desert Farms Camel Milk
Founder Abdul Wahab discovered his passion for raw camel milk while he was visiting his family in Saudi Arabia. The milk wasn't
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Diestel Turkey Ranch
The Diestel Turkey Ranch is family-owned and has been providing high quality all-natural, gluten-free and organic free-range turkeys f
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